Sunday, 10 May 2009

Steam roller prints - idea

Thanks to talking to Kryssie and Jane, I'm going to experiment with a small sheet of rubber and some polystrene (possibly a cup) to see what I can do. I might carve into the rubber and ink it up. Printing this combined with polystyrene. The cup will probably just roll off if a steam roller were to run it over. I may need to look at how to adhere one side to the rubber (or something else) ink it, and then run it over.

This all links to the idea of layers of rock, fossils, rubbish and how we are creating our own fossils.

I've linked to this theme a couple of times in the past. For example, for the Soul of All Things Ended exhibition at Bywaters in London when I produced some large scale monoprints. Also in some soft ground etchings and photopolymer etchings both with chine colle.