Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ripple beds and fossils. Collaboration with Jane

I tried out some ideas yesterday, drawing on True Grain drafting film. I'm considering drawings of fossils on one sheet of film and either a photo or drawing of the ripple beds on the other sheet. I'd then transfer them photographically onto film laminated copper plates, ink them separately (probably in different coloured inks) and print them one over the other onto the paper.

I was working on this when Jane arrived. We discussed our group trip to Wren's Nest with Graham and the moment when he held the fossils in his hand. Jane photographed this and she had the idea of the hand bringing the fossils to life so that they turn into the sea creatures that lived millions of years ago. A great idea for an image.

Also, these are the very fossils that Graham handed to me on that day and that I have been drawing. So it's all coming together...I'll do further research at the museum tomorrow and carry on drawing.